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jag kommer sakna dig i fyra dagar till

Magtröja Save the animals Grå
save the animals

just let me know that I'm not alone

If I only knew how to read your actions

you would be out of my head in no time

Seriously, what would I do without you?

Thank God for good moments in the bad times

sorry dude but you're too involved to be forgotten

How come I feel guilty every time I laugh and have a good time? I still had a partner in crime...

I would not choose me either

if only the truth could sink in for once

I wanted something different and I sure as hell turned my life upside down getting it

Gästinlägg by theprincess

Tjabbatjeena alla coola där ute. Sitter i Linneas kök med sköna människor, musik, köttbullar, potatismos, hallonsylt och cola och hämtar mig efter en...... speciell natt. Snart bär det av till staden. Nu tycker jag att alla ska ta och besöka min lilla nagelblogg. :)

jag är inte sur utan gillar att vara dryg

waiting for something that will never come

for instance, you


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