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how come problems always finds me and how come it always works to ignore them?

I never trusted me to forget the way I trusted you to move on

If I fall I will do it with my head high

and now stay this way

honey, you're going to be sorry

I'm chained to your reins and I don't dare to break free

tired of not knowing how to endur

Diamant til kull

me and my red lips will stand for one thing

just kiss me and make it all go away, while I'm punching her face again and again

If I would look for someone in his presence, I would look for me

fuck it

you owe me

Don't be ashamed of yesterday as long as you move on the next day

this is what I was looking for all along

I know you lied but I'm glad you did... or at least I will be

tell me what you're thinking

funny, I'm not reaching for those stars

I can still feel your eyes on me

and all these shades of gray

What the hell happened to never?

I'm seventeen not stupid

stop your head before it's to late

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